Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tell us your story of Historic Galesville!

Here is one glimpse into the past of historic Galesville: The Galesville Hot Sox were a "sandlot" league that began playing on the Wilson Field in 1926, and in a time before baseball was integrated, the Hot Sox would occasionally test their skill up against the big time Negro League teams such as the Baltimore Elite Giants. A few Galesville players even went on to tryout for the big leagues. The field was not only a place to play ball, but it was a gathering place in Galesville and a community institution.

To capture this history firsthand, particularly the stories of former Hot Sox players, the Galesville Community Center invited former ball players, their families and enthusiast to come for a visit on Saturday, Aug. 2nd, and to bring photographs, artifacts, or just memories and stories to share! The event was a success! 

There are amazing stories about the history of Galesville that are passed down as part of an oral tradition. We would love to here your story! Post a comment here or contact us at: